Customs Services

By having a customs agency with the structure of VAN group, we improve the efficiency of our customs services and minimise the time involved in customs procedures. We have Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. (more…)


We supplement our offer with advisory services on property and life insurance. Our offer is particularly beneficial to the freight transport industry. Our partners offer a wide, carefully-selected range of insurance products, as well as assistance in pursuing claims for compensation. (more…)

Bulk Materials Transport

We have a variety of vehicles adapted to the needs of a given contract. Rigs with dump trailers of a capacity of 24-65 m3 and up to 27 tonnes enable the transport of grain, coal, aggregates and other loose materials.

We are ready to work for you.

Project Cargo

We offer comprehensive services for moving oversize loads around the world.

Example loads:

– technological lines
– bridge structures, cranes, machines, containers, etc.

We carry out oversize transport by land, sea, inland waters, air and rail.


As VAN group, we offer our customers services connected with storage logistics:

– crossdocking
– storage
– dedicated services.

We have warehouses in the following locations:

– Debica – 36 000 m2
– Poniatowa – 18 700 m2
– Zabrze – 10 000 m2
– Poznań Zerniki – 7 900 m2
– Blonie – 7 600 m2
– Warszawa – 2 000 m2
– Ruda Slaska – 10 500 m2
– Brwinow – 1 400 m2

Within VAN group, storage logistics services are provided by Kurier sp. z o.o.


Air Transport

By having a network of proven agents and cooperating with the largest airlines, we are able to offer quick freight transport to any destination on the globe. (more…)

Sea Transport

By having agents around the world and cooperating with leading ship-owners having global reach, we can offer sea transport services among all marine terminals. (more…)

Temperature controlled transport

In both domestic and international transport, we provide comprehensive services for loads which must be shipped under temperature control. We provide our customers with qualified teams of specialists who make sure that every order is shipped quickly and correctly.

– refrigerated and isothermal trailers in compliance with ATP (FRC/FNA).
– transport temperature: -25⁰C do +25⁰C
– capacity 22 tonnes, 33 EUR-pallets

All means of transport are adapted to carrying food commodities. Thanks to our Tracker GPS integrated monitoring system, our forwarders have on-line access to the monitoring parameters within the load space.

Within VAN group, temperature-controlled freight forwarding services are provided by the following companies: VAN cargo S.A and Podlasie S.A.

Domestic transport

Years of experience on the domestic market and an extensive network of offices throughout Poland enables VAN group to react effectively to the needs of our customers. With continual access to a fleet of more than 400 vehicles within Poland, we transport LTE and bulk loads. (more…)