VAN group

VAN group gathers together entities specializing in the freight transport industry. We have 36 locations in Europe, 31 of which are in Poland. We employ more than 800 people, of whom almost 500 are freight specialists. We have been active on the market since 1989.

The following entities are members of the VAN group:

VAN cargo (5 entities – Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary) – international freight forwarding
– Podlasie S.A. – domestic freight forwarding, short- and long-term vehicle rentals, vehicle servicing, developer activities
– Kurier sp. z o. o. – domestic storage and freight forwarding
– Euro-Sped Service sp. z o. o. – customs agency
– Log Broker sp. z o. o. – insurance agency
– Igloocar sp. z o. o. – production of specialized trailers and bodies

VAN group operates through its own, user-friendly system. The structure of the organization is flat, without a hierarchy. Instead of titles, we create tasks.

Group values:

Simple and pleasant – this is how relations within the company, procedures, projects, communication and structure should be – as simple as possible.
Openness – this strengthens relations, while transparency improves quality, encourages attention to costs, and forms and develops the team.
Enterprise – these are the principles we apply, and the principles we expect.

VAN group