Forwarders / Team Leaders

Are you are interested in work where you take decisions on your own, turning them into success, and taking satisfaction from attaining results. Work at VAN group is an opportunity for enterprising candidates. Working with us, you will have access to our know-how, large-scale orders, the available means of transport, and professional IT systems and tools.

If you:

– are a professional, experienced forwarder/team leader
– are enterprising, involved and directed towards success
–  know how to build long-lasting business relationships with customers and subcontractors


sign up at and join the recruitment process!


We offer:

– work with a team of several hundred people in a company with an established position on the domestic and international markets, a leader in its industry which operates on large-scale transport orders with access to a fleet of several thousand vehicles
– an attractive results-based bonus system

Students / Graduates

VAN group training programmes are addressed to students and graduates who wish to carve out their career path in the logistics industry and prepare themselves as professional forwarders.

You work and at the same time gain experience as part of a small team. You acquire knowledge through a system of trainings supported by the VAN academy e-learning platform, which is based on real business cases.

The goal of the programme is to prepare you for further work within VAN group.

Take part in the programme if:

– you are a graduate or final-year student
– you are talented, ambitious and engaged
– you have analytical skills and are able to draw conclusions
– you build up positive relationships easily and enjoyably

sign up at and join the recruitment process!


– taking part in the programme is the best way to begin developing your career within VAN group
– the programme covers the following cities in Poland: Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw
– after your training you may be offered a position in one of the VAN group offices (including outside Poland)
– the programme lasts up to 12 months, full-time, with monthly remuneration

We reserve the right to contact only selected candidates.


We invite carriers with their own stock to cooperate with us on domestic and international shipments.

We offer:
– permanent cooperation based on a large number of orders
– a ‘pay immediately’ option
– a fuel card programme
– the opportunity to benefit from promotions in VAN group (attractive lease of truck and trailer, insurance)

If you are interested, please contact one of the offices of VAN group.